Malmö University is set to become the first university in the world to use a material created from melted down weapons for doctoral rings, furthering its international community commitment.

Humanium Metal is produced by the non-profit organisation Individual Human Help (IM), which collects and melts down illegal small arms and reuses the residual products.

“By using Humanium Metal for doctoral rings, we show that we want to contribute to a peaceful and inclusive society. Humanium Metal and the academic insignia both have strong symbolic value — it is not the most expensive metal in the world, but perhaps one of the most valuable when it comes to saving lives,” says Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham.

IM Swedish Development Partner’s ambition is to prevent and reduce the spread of illegal weapons and armed violence in the world. It is hoped that it will also be seen as preventative peace work, a means of reducing poverty and an investment in education and health.

By using Humanium Metal for doctoral rings, we show that we want to contribute to a peaceful and inclusive society.

Kerstin Tham

“IM Swedish Development Partner sees how illegal weapons are a major threat to people’s everyday lives and to building democratic societies. Humanium Metal is a way for IM to empower young people and offer opportunities to find other sources of livelihood than violence. By becoming the first university in the world to manufacture its insignia in Humanium Metal, Malmö University shows that it shares IM’s goals and ambitions of a more humane world,” says Martin Nihlgård, Secretary General at IM Swedish Development Partner.

“It is entirely in line with Malmö University's aim for a more equal, open and sustainable society,” says Tham.

“We conduct socially-relevant research and our ambition is to educate and equip our students so that through knowledge, critical reflection and action, they can contribute to change in the world.

“As the multidisciplinary and inclusive university we are and want to be, it is important that we nuture innovation in terms of academic traditions and celebrations. That's why we now use Humanium Metal.”

Humanium Metal is made of recycled metal from collected and stored weapons from Guatemala and El Salvador. The purification itself and the pulverisation, however, takes place in Sweden. In a collaboration chain between the private sector, civil society and authorities, the weapons are converted into raw material and processed into products. The new doctoral ring is designed by a Malmö University student.