According to a ranking presented by the magazine Fokus, Malmö University is number one when it comes to producing internationally renowned research in relation to level of funding.

Ulf Sandström, associate professor and researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, is behind the review, which is based on how often articles have been cited in international journals relative to the financial resources available to each university, either through direct governmental funding or through external funding.

“The reason why we are at the top is probably that our research is unique and original and, furthermore, because it is multidisciplinary and often takes place in collaboration with stakeholders outside academia,” said Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham to Fokus.

Tham also called for more resources for smaller universities.

“The pain threshold has been reached. If Malmö University is as good as the survey shows, then we should get additional direct governmental funding. The distribution of funding between the universities in Sweden is extremely unfair.”

Ulf Sandström’s ranking also shows the top cited scholars within individual disciplines. Among the top ten in the humanities are Pelle Ehn, professor of interaction design and Per-Anders Hillgren, university lecturer in design and social innovation, both at Malmö University.