The European Commission has now announced that DigIT Hub Sweden has been named a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH). The hub is part of a European network of digital innovation hubs where competence and resources are linked, and Malmö University is included as a partner.

Businesses, organisations and citizens need to be able to take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation for Europe to remain globally competitive. In the EU's ambitious digitisation plans, the regions now play a key role by hosting hubs, which pool skills and resources for digitisation.

Sydsvenska DigIT Hub Sweden will be one of four EU-funded hubs located in Sweden, with a thematic focus on the transition to smart industry and smart cities through the Internet of Things, where the connection to both digitalisation and sustainability is central.

As a partner in DigIT Hub Sweden, Malmö University will contribute knowledge and research to support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies and the public sector in southern Sweden.

“We are proud and happy that Malmö University is now part of a European innovation hub. We look forward to raising the existing collaboration within DigIT Hub on digital innovation to a European level and through this collaboration strengthen both our research and education,” says Paul Davidsson, professor of computer science at Malmö University.

As a designated EDIH, DigIT Hub Sweden will function as a centre for digitisation, where organisations can turn to for access to knowledge, test environments, advice or funding. The goal is to use digitalisation as an engine to develop better working methods, products or services, and to meet the needs of customers, employees and citizens who have become increasingly digital. Malmö University will, for example, contribute expertise in AI, the Internet of Things, simulation and cyber security, both in concrete digitisation and innovation processes and in educational initiatives.

The hub is expected to be fully operational in the autumn of 2022.