Anne-Marie Wangel is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Midwife and public health specialist (MSc PHDC). She earned her PhD in 2012. The research focused on mental ill-heath in pregnant women. Among other things, Dr. Wangel studied women’s experience of depression and abuse related to migration. The research is part of an EU / Daphne project named BIDENS. Dr. Wangel teaches scientific methods, global health with a focus on women's sexual and reproductive health incl. HIV / AIDS / STI. She has extensive experience of project management in health promotion and preventive strategies. Furthermore, she was the program director for an advanced level diabetes education program in the United Arab Emirates during 2014. Dr. Wangel also has refugee and research experience from Malawi and Afghanistan and has worked in Kaliningrad and in the Baltic States.

Research Projects

You can find previous research projects in the Diva database.