Expulsion in working life: An unexplored field of research

In my research, I focus on a phenomenon that we often hear about in the media and in practice in occupational health care, where I have my background. That is, employees who are expelled of work through relocations, negotiations or social exclusion. The introduction to the study in my doctoral dissertation is based on an aspect of bullying research that deals with indirect forms of abusive treament such as social exclusion, rejection, ignoring and expulsion. These aspects belong to what is often reffered to as ostracism. But it is a relatively unexplored arena in bullying research. To explain the phenomenon, I have turned my attention to organizational politics, which is the starting point for the analysis of the organizational ethnographic study on which the dissertation is based.

I do my dissertation in the institution for social work which I believe is a natural scientific domain to study this phenomenon because it to a large extent constitutes social exposure. Social exposure and marginalization in working life, I would say, is a precarious area to increase understanding of, as it constitutes a threat to both livelihoods, health and social belonging.

The research area bridges to several other research fields such as organizational research, bullying research and working life research.

Before I started my dissertation work, I have been working as a practitioner in occupational health care and also as an organizational consultant for 17 years and then specialized in conflicts, bullying and organizational behavior.

In the future, my ambition is to continue research that tangles ostracism, organizational ethics, social belonging and what foster and inhibit sustainable organizations. Another researcharea that interest me is psychosocial work and social medicin. I´m also interested in history of idea in relation to worklife, norms and view of human nature.

To me writing is thinking. Thus, academic writing is something I look forward to engage in from an educational point of view. I have a master in creative writing and for many years, I have been waiting for an opportunity to combind creative writning with academic writing.