Daniela DeBono is currently Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFAS Fellow at the Global Governance Programme, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute. She is on research leave from Malmö University, Sweden where she is Senior Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Department of Global Political Studies. Her main research interests primarily lie in the migration-human rights nexus. She also pursues social issues from a children's rights perspective. This reflects her training in anthropology, sociology, human rights and migration studies. She is currently working on a three-year project looking at various aspects of daily life in EU border areas where irregularly-arriving maritime migrants are saved from the sea and disembarked. The project is entitled: "Daily encounters at the border: reception in the EU and irregular migrants arriving by sea". Her latest projects analysed analysed foster care in Malta from a children's rights perspective and migrants' experiences of deportation from Sweden (MIM - Malmo, Sweden), and her PhD project sought to identify the cultural and socio-political aspects of Maltese culture which hinder the adoption of human rights within the irregular migration field (SCMR - Sussex, UK).