I am a doctoral student in the Industrial Graduate School Data Driven Systems at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University. My background is M.Sc. In Engineering Physics and I have worked in the telecom industry for more than a decade as project manager, analyst and coach.

Many companies are trying to use data and business analytics to improve the quality of their decisions, and thereby improve business performance. Data and decision support systems are widely available, but few decision makers in industry have incorporated sufficient decision analysis proficiency in their organization, and thereby suffer from inadequate decision quality. One reason could be that decision theory may be perceived to be too complex and out of reach for non-practitioners. My research focuses on how to make established decision theory and methods available to decision makers in industry, by designing and experimenting with novel approaches relevant to the business analytics field. Of specific interest are Bayesian Decision Analysis and influence diagrams, and a focus on the use and integration of expert knowledge. Of further interest are also methods that take causality into account and that provide for an adequate space of decision alternatives.