Karin Sjöström MD, PhD psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer and Assoc. Professor at Care Science, Malmö University. Her research focuses on psychosomatics. Previous employments have been as a psychiatrist and as a liaison consultant psychiatrist at the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and presently at the department of Dermatology & Venereology in Malmö. She is also a certified psycho-therapist and supervisor in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy(PDT). Her pedagogic skills is lecturing and group education in IPR(interpesonal recall) a videobased education in communication for medical staff by Norman Kagan. The research in psychosomatics lead to two supervised theses: Colposcopy after cervical dysplasia and Psychological aspects" Hellsten (2008) and "Psychological aspects of patients with psoriasis" by" Remröd(2014).

Earlier obstetric high-risk research in schizophrenia with the McNeil research group at Lund University, lead to the construction of the McNeil-Sjöström OC scale, an instrument sensitive to identify obstetric and neonatal riskfactors in the fetus with special emphasis on asfyxia and later development of different psychiatric illnesses in the offspring. Future research focuses on psychological impact on patients with alopecia areata with a care perspective. Karin Sjöström presented a thesis in 2002 on "Some effects of maternal anxiety on the fetus and on pregnancy outcome"