I work as a researcher on the project City for Everybody -Building Responsible Action for Inclusive Local Communities (CIFER).

I hold a PhD in Sociology and my doctoral dissertation is entitled Portraying Stateless Female Diaspora. Palestinian Women of Syria Speaking Back (University of Leicester 2022).

My main areas of expertise are forced migration, ongoing coloniality, intersectionality, gendered statelessness, structural discrimination throughout generations, counter-storytelling, oral history and the use of marginalia and paradata. I have regional expertise in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, Denmark and Sweden.

My research approach is embedded in the stories of people on the ground and the activist subjectivity viewpoint. My work thus contributes to more egalitarian and democratic strategies from the perspectives of marginalised populations who live in stateless diaspora and on the run. In my PhD dissertation, I redeveloped sociological collaborative research strategies via innovative oral history and herstory, speaking back methods, sociological portraiture, counter-mapping, and counter-storytelling methods. These methods are transdisciplinary and thus at once speak to disciplines such as sociology, history, political science, and reciprocal ethnography. I draw on decolonial methods, visual methodologies, bottom-up democracy development and materiality within stories of longing for home.