I defended my PhD thesis in philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2016. My dissertation was entitled 'Cautiously utopian goals: Philosophical analyses of climate change objectives and sustainability targets', and focused on epistemic and normative uncertainties in long-term planning. During 2017-2019 I did my first postdoc at the Swedish Biodiversity Center, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, on a project entitled 'Biodiversity, uncertainty, and ethics'.

Current research

My current postdoc (2020-2022) at GPS will focus on justice and normative issues in the construction and assessment of energy scenarios. This will combine my earlier interests in epistemic and normative issues.

In addition to that, I am the co-investigator in a project on research ethics in citizen science, together with researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

My specialities includes moral philosophy, applied ethics, environmental ethics, climate justice, and decision-making under uncertainty.

Recent publications

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