In june 2023 I sucessfully defended my thesis on swedish migration and integration policy between 1967–2000. After finishing my PhD I have worked as a project researcher on two projects. The first project, Politics of Lust: the mobliziation of a sexual reform movement 1933-1945, invesitgates how the Swedish sexeducation organization RFSU mobilised in Malmö during the 1930- and 1940's which was a period were swedish sexual policy went through several changes. My other project, Better love without children, than children without love, investigates the intellectual development of the swedish sexeducator Hinke Bergegren from his first publications in the 1880's until his death in 1936. The first project is founded by grants from the Ebbe Kock foundation and the other by a grant from Helge Ax:son Johns foundation.

During my time as a PhD student I also worked as a teacher at both the general courses in history, the departments programme on cultural heritage and at the teachers programme. Apart from teaching general history I also taught archival science, which was a way to further develop my background as a trained archivist.

Apart from my engagement in the Swedish research setting I am also a heavy proponent of internationalization. During my PhD-studies I was a visiting research at the universies in Copenhagen and Bielefield and I am currently a member of international research networks on gender and migration.