Research and curating

I am an art historian with an active collaborative curatorial practice. My research and curating are concerned with colonial archives/archiving, slavery and visuality, ethics of care-in-representation, postmemorial art and performance, and more broadly exploring how art mediates social transformation and healing.

I have a PhD in art history from the University of Cambridge, and my thesis research on African types and slavery metaphors in 18th-century print culture, culminated in my first monograph Africans in English Caricature 1769-1819: Black Jokes, White Humour (Brepols, 2017). This was the first extensive scholarly volume on the topic, and in 2019 the book was awarded the Historians of British Art book prize for Exemplary scholarship between 1600-1800.


Before I arrived at K3, I was a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow for EUROTAST, an EU research and training network coordinated from the Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen (2012-2014). Our remit was to use new developments in bio-archaeology and genetics to transform research on the history of the transatlantic slave trade, nuance the discourse on its contemporary legacies, and incorporate scientific language and perspectives into public understandings of slavery.

Living Archives Research Project

I continued to work in an interdisciplinary way during my second postdoc for the Living Archives Research Project here at K3 (2014-2017). We experimented and worked collaboratively on archiving processes assisted by mobile media, open data, storytelling and performance. One major output of the process was the development of a co-institutional sound intervention What Lies Unspoken: Sounding the Colonial archive (2017-2018), which was initiated as a direct response to silences surrounding collections at the Statens Museum for Kunst and Royal Library of Denmark.

A one-year Riksbankensjubileumsfond research grant (2018-2018) enabled me to deepen my inquiry into remembrance practices online and in resonant spaces, to begin theorising about ethics and post memorial contemporary art.

I am now teaching various topics at K3, including visual communication, photographic theory, museum and heritage theory, creative industries, collaborative media and cultural production.

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