Contact person:
Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele
  • The Crafoord Foundation
Responsible at Malmö University:
Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele
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Time frame:
15 August 2020 - 30 June 2021
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About the project

The proposed Situation Awareness-based Attention Guidance (SAAG) is aimed at developing a novel Situation Awareness component (SAc) for an Attention Guidance system to improve human’s situation awareness in complex environments and tasks. The SAAG system, with a focus on SAc, is realized and evaluated for the players of an Augmented Reality (AR) tabletop game. Situation awareness is crucial for decision-making and action-taking.

The awareness emerges from relating knowledge about the environment, human goals, and objectives. Accordingly, the SAc will mimic this process artificially through a novel integration of four functional modules responsible for perception, situation recognition, intention recognition, and projection. The SAc outputs a situation-action space considering the user preferences, goals, and intentions used as input for decision-making.

This project builds on components which are currently developed in the context of the Augmented Attention (AA) project run by the Egocentric Interaction (EI) research group (mah.se/egocentricinteraction/) at Malmö University.

The project aims for both short-term scientific and long-term industrial and societal impact. It is revealed in the form of a human assistance system prototype for complex situations. In addition, it has concrete contributions in artificial situation awareness to be published in academic venues covering human-computer interaction, situation awareness, and AR games. The most immediate societal impact of the developed SAc will probably be as embedded in persuasive technologies for reaching long-term behavioral change, for individuals and society, in the areas of healthcare, safety, and climate change.