Contact person:
Jason Tucker
  • Wallenberg AI - Autonomous Systems and Software Program on Humanities and Society (WASP-HS)
Responsible at MaU:
Jason Tucker
Time frame:
01 August 2021 - 01 September 2026

Project description

Focused on the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence within global healthcare, which has accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic, the proposal identifies an urgent need to better understand the challenges and potential solutions by which policymakers at the national and global levels can ensure the benefits of AI are fully realised in the public interest.

Research question

The proposal states the research question as follows: How are governance structures emerging in response to the rapidly accelerating role of AI in global healthcare, and what are the implications for the distribution of power in global politics?

The question includes two key aspects:

  1. how institutional actors (i.e. states and international governmental organisations) are responding, and their relationship to private actors currently leading these developments;
  2. the wider social context in which civil society, professional medical associations, but also everyday individuals relate to, and experience, these processes guiding the future of global politics.

Publications, media and outreach


Media and outreach

If Only the Lake Could Talk

Read chapters by several project researchers within 'If Only the Lake Could Talk – Futures of AI for Sustainability' published in September 2022. Dennis Munetsi ‘Rethinking Governance for Resilient AI Futures’, Michael Strange ‘Is AI Creative or a Tool for Creativity?’ and Jason Tucker ‘Disruptive Possibilities: AI and Planetary Health’

If Only the Lake Could Talk – Futures of AI for Sustainability

Related activities

EPEHAI (Everyday Political Economy of Health & AI) Brown Bag Seminar series

Interested in discussing the politics of artificial intelligence technologies? As part of our collaborative learning, project participants and curious minds meet to present and debate key research and perspectives relevant to the themes of AI and the everyday political economy of global health. If you want to contribute, please contact Michael Strange.

Michael Strange, Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer