Contact person:
Martin Berg
  • Malmö universitet
  • forskningsprogrammet Data Society
Responsible at Malmö University:
Martin Berg
Project members:
Time frame:
01 January 2019 - 31 August 2023
Research environment :

Digital technologies and novel forms of data are increasingly forming part of and changing how researchers in the humanities and social sciences explore the world. Digitalisation and datafication, as these transformative processes are labelled, offer researchers new forms of information and possibilities for data analysis. At the same time, researchers find it increasingly difficult to decide what should and would count as data in a data-saturated world and choose suitable methods for analysing them.

This research project advances current understandings of what it means for the humanities and social sciences to engage in research in contemporary data-saturated worlds. Throughout its projected lifespan of four years, the research project will develop a series of methods and methodologies that bring into dialogue core aspects of the social sciences, humanities, and technological sciences with a specific focus on the tension between different ways of imagining, recognising and engaging with digital data. This project takes its point of departure in a series of 'research sites' that, over the years, will be extended into new sites while constantly engaging in iterative processes of methodological development that ties together results from the different research sites.