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Responsible at Malmö University:
Lisa Hellström
  • Linda Beckman - Karlstads universitet
  • Mind
  • Länsförsäkringar
Time frame:
01 December 2019 - 31 May 2020

About the project

The aim with the project is to investigate what is being done to promote young people's mental health, to raise good and effective examples, to examine risk factors for mental ill health and to identify what life skills young people consider important for promoting mental health and prevent mental ill health. The long-term goal of the research project is to gain a greater understanding of children's and young people's experiences of mental health in order to be able to guide school and other actors in their work with direct measures as well as promoting and preventive efforts.

The current project includes creating an overall picture of what is being done and the need for action to enhance children and young people's "life skills" such as emotional stability, control, optimism, confidence in their own ability (European Commission, 2017) and contribute to their inner security, resilience and good mental health. To get a general idea of how children and young people are doing today, a survey of young people will first be conducted where questions about health, confidence in their own ability and need for support from adults will be mapped. In the next step, a survey including representatives from authorities and organizations meeting children and young people, eg school, health care and various associations and organizations will be conducted.

The professionals will answer questions about how they work with the mental health of young people. The participants in the survey will be asked about participation in focus groups with further discussions on the questions in the survey. In addition, focus groups with young people aged 16-25 will be implemented, with separate groups for girls and boys. The project is thus based on two sub-studies; 1) Survey and focus groups with young people and 2) Survey and focus groups with representatives from authorities and organizations that meet children and young people in their every day work.