Contact person:
Sara Duerlund
  • Lindhaga stiftelse
Project members at MaU:
  • Verksamhetsområde vuxenpsykiatri Malmö/Trelleborg – Region Skåne
Collaborators :
  • Region Skåne
  • Lund University
Time frame:
01 January 2020 - 31 December 2023
Research subject:

About the project

Mental illness is a growing concern in Sweden with an increasing trend also for youths. Each year, 1268 persons commit suicide. Swedish police report an increase in events related to mental health issues and suicide or attempted suicide. Being brought in by police can be very stigmatizing for a suicidal person. The prehospital emergency psychiatric unit is a 3-year project in Skåne, Sweden which aims to reduce the stigmatization of mental illness but also build alliances with patients and significant others to prevent suicide. A specialist nurse from the ambulance service and a nurse who specialized in psychiatric care work together in a purpose-built ambulance vehicle with seats instead of a stretcher. The unit is dispatched via emergency call operators when a mental health emergency is identified.


The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the importance of the alliance between the prehospital emergency psychiatric unit and patients, significant others and staff and evaluate their experiences of attitudes and the care delivered.


Individual interviews with patients and significant others with experience of having contact with the prehospital emergency psychiatric unit will be carried out, as well as focus group interviews with psychiatric care staff that’s been involved in the care of these patients.