Contact person:
Sergey Shleev
  • The Knowledge Foundation
Responsible at Malmö University:
Sergey Shleev
Project members:
  • Obducat Technologies AB
  • Kemet Electronics AB
  • RISE Acreo AB
Time frame:
01 May 2018 - 30 April 2021
Research environment :
Research subject:

The project is a collaborative effort between industry experts and researchers at Malmö University, where the main technological objective of the project is to design and test high performance, low cost, so-called solar biosupercapacitors, which can be reproducibly manufactured with industry-scale throughput. Solar biosupercapacitors were recently discovered by Malmö University researchers and their collaborative partners.

Biological catalysts were used to generate electrical energy from the sun, which could be stored directly in the same device. However, current bioelectronic devices based on nanostructured electrodes cannot be produced in an expedient and, importantly, readily scalable and reproducible way. This is because existing industrial technologies for nanofabrication are rarely used in research laboratories, and industrial exposure to biomaterial based elements is limited. In this project, nanoimprint lithography (NIL) will be used to design low cost solar biosupercapacitators. NIL is an industrially relevant technique capable of achieving nano- and micro-scale features reproducibly, scalably, and economically.