Contact person:
Tapio Salonen
  • Forte – Swedish Research Council for Health Working life and Welfare
Responsible at MaU:
Tapio Salonen
Time frame:
01 July 2020 - 30 June 2023
Research environment :
Research subject:

About the project

Access to housing has become one of the most pressing societal issues in Sweden, as social consequences of inequalities connected to housing have become increasingly evident. The purpose of the Housing and Welfare Research Network (HWRN) is to build and strengthen relations as well as to create conditions for interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge within research, but also between researchers, practitioners, experts and other actors, that work with social aspects of housing provision.

The aim is to create knowledge about the current challenges of housing provision as well as identify possible solutions. Further, the network will contribute to needed research on the precarity of the housing market, as well as the connectedness between an increasingly market-oriented housing provision and a societal development characterized by growing gaps and inequality.

While the core of the research network consists of researches from different universities and disciplines, practitioners with their perspectives have a key role in the network. Hence, the members of the network represent a wide range of competences – enabling a broad understanding of the pressing challenges of housing provision today.

The network will arrange seminars on different topics, where mutual learning and exchange of knowledge between researches and practitioners is central. Some of the seminars will be open to the public and broadcasted online. Moreover, yearly events with emphasis on concrete collaboration will be arranged. The focus will be on in-depth work for a mutual understanding of causes to problems connected to housing and welfare as well as potential solutions. Thus, the network will serve as a testbed for potentially innovative solutions to the complex issue of housing and welfare. Apart from creating important knowledge alliances, the network will serve as a basis for new projects and research programs.

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