Contact person:
Martin Grander
  • Vinnova
Responsible at Malmö University:
Martin Grander
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Collaborators and other project members:
  • Trianon Real Estate
  • City of Malmö
Time frame:
01 December 2018 - 30 November 2021
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About the project

Housing for all and in all forms is something that is increasingly demanded both from a social sustainability perspective as from an urban development perspective. Above all, it is a matter that is discussed a lot in connection with the planning and production of new residential areas, in order to achieve a varied range of housing with mixed forms of ownership that opens up for making a housing career in the area. However, there is limited research on the prospects of mixing tenures in deprived areas.

This project address the need to make the supply of newly produced housing available to a broader target group, which also includes low-income households. The project aims to function primarily as a testbed with the purpose to lower the thresholds between different types of funding through new financing solutions that are directly aimed at strengthening the household capacity to demand a new home.

One of the biggest obstacles today at the housing market is the requirement for a cash contribution of 15%. Even though households would manage the daily cash flow, i.e. interest rates and amortization (including any interest rate increases up to 7%), they cannot currently buy a property since they currently lack funds for the cash contribution. This excludes a large group, of especially young and new arrivals, from long-term ownership of their homes and the possibility to do housing careers. Thus, the project aims to develop a new model of financing housing for households with low income, but also to bring clarity in the housing preferences among individuals living in deprived areas.