Contact person:
Mats Persson
  • The public construction sector
Responsible at MaU:
Mats Persson
Time frame:
01 July 2011 - 12 June 2024
Research subject:

Knowledge-based technology for skills development in the construction industry is a theme for research, development and collaboration at Malmö University. A number of projects have been carried out with funding from various Swedish research organisations. The projects explore experience feedback and lifelong learning in the construction sector. Various sub-projects have investigated how knowledge of building technology and construction production is applied with digital applications and how efficiency and high quality can be assured both during the construction production and in the finished building. Factors that are investigated are, for example:

  •  Personal safety and work environment
  • Quality of work and final product
  • Efficiency in the construction process
  • Productivity at the construction site
  • Competence
  • VET