Contact person:
Anne Harju
  • erasmus+ call 2019 KA2 - cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Responsible at Malmö University:
Anne Harju
  • City of Malmö – Department of education: Research unit: Pedagogisk inspiration
  • Jonas Sjölander
Time frame:
01 September 2019 - 31 August 2022
Research subject:

The rationale of the project is the global concern for the challenges of marginalised young people, which locally manifest in different ways. The concern addresses marginalisation in relation to education, work and everyday life. Factors that are internationally recognisable and therefore need to be addressed in a cross-national collaboration.


The overall aims of the project are therefore

  1. to enhance the professional identity of social educators by strengthening their capacity to manage young people in marginalised positions in urban areas. A capacity that relies on the social educators’ ability to handle the problems they encounter in innovative, creative, and open ways
  2. to explore social innovation actions with at-risk young.

The objectives are to develop a pedagogical model for working with the extremely marginalised youth – participatory social planning (PSP) and gain wider knowledge on the connection between an urban setting and the marginalisation processes of young people to the benefit of the young people themselves and the society. The resulting product will be a free, interactive online APP for smartphones or PADs providing guidance and practical tips/advice, in which teaching materials and other inspirational resources will be available for professionals, students, target groups and others actors involved in inclusive participatory pedagogy research and practice. The APP is intended as a knowledge transfer between project partners and a learning toolkit on relevant participatory approaches and experiences to support reflection, engagement and implementation of new pedagogical ways of social planning.