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Javier Sotres Prieto
  • Mats Paulsson’s foundation for research innovation and development of society
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09 December 2019 - 31 December 2021
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About the project

Open injuries have a high potential for bacterial infections, especially chronic wounds like those related to diabetes mellitus and pressure ulcerations. This can result in severe consequences for patients. Infection delays and may even halt the healing process, increasing the risk for amputation and even mortality.
Moreover, wound infections also impose an immense burden for healthcare systems. Thus, there is a need to develop strategies for lowering the personal and economic burden of wound infection. One critical step towards this objective would be early detection of infection.

Infection is a continuous process. In a first stage, classical signs of infection are still not observed even though bacterial proliferation already leads to a delay in healing rate. While several strategies for early monitoring of wound status have been reported, their actual implementation is scarce. This can be attributed to the requirement that early monitoring of infection should take place in home environments where available methods are too costly or complex to be implemented.

In this project, we will address this problem. Specifically, we will develop battery-less wireless infection sensors that could be easily incorporated in wound dressings. This will provide a low-cost solution for early monitoring of infection that will not require cumbersome equipment or trained users. We foresee that these sensors will be a breakthrough in wound management, as they will allow acting appropriately against their infection on time, reducing the length and severity of required treatments.