Contact person:
Tomas Peterson
  • Malmö universitet
  • Lunds universitet
Responsible at Malmö University:
Tomas Peterson
Project members:
Time frame:
30 October 2013 - 30 October 2025

About the project

Upper secondary schools with a physical activity profile have become popular both among youngsters and local politicians in Sweden in recent years. Since a few years, there is also a secondary school with a physical activity profile at Malmö.

Although the motives for starting the schools are not always clear, two goals are often mentioned: to foster elite athletes and to promote an active lifestyle. Very few of the pupils will become elite athletes.

To the best of knowledge, it not known whether the pupils at the schools will take part in competitive or recreational sports in adulthood to a greater extent than their peers at ordinary schools.

It is known that young women tend to drop out of sport at a higher frequency than young men. The overall aim with this study is to investigate which selection factors (gender-related, physiological, social, or psychological) influence continuous and successful participation in sports.