Contact person:
Maria Norstedt
  • Forte – Swedish Research Council for Health Working life and Welfare
Responsible at MaU:
Maria Norstedt
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Time frame:
01 April 2019 - 01 March 2023
Research subject:

About the project

Persons with disabilities that entail reduced work capacity remain one of the groups that is farthest from the Swedish labor market. This entails social and economic vulnerability for the group. For people with disability that entail a reduced capacity for work, self-employment can offer, in addition to empowerment and self-realization, the kind of flexibility that makes it possible for them to make a living and establish themselves in the ordinary labor market. However, international studies have identified how this is a group that meets with a number of hindering factors if they want to run their own businesses. Corresponding knowledge, in the Swedish context, about the motivation to start one's own company is lacking for the group of people with disabilities that involves reduced work capacity.

To understand motives and factors that influence the conditions for business ownership by people with disabilities that entails reduced work capacity, interviews are conducted with: persons with disabilities who are self-employed and, persons with disabilities who have experience of having tried but not succeeded in starting their own businesses. Interviews are also conducted with representatives from organisations that people with disabilities meet when they are about to start their own companies or with whom they still have contact. The purpose of these interviews is to explicate institutional processes, that is, practices, texts, and discourses of the actors and organisations. The researchers will also gather documents and statistics related to ideologies, motives, and discourses on entrepreneurship and self-employment since a theoretical standpoint is that such texts influence the conditions for business ownership.

The project contributes with new and deepened knowledge of people with disabilities that entail a reduced work ability – knowledge that is important in interventions to increase the participation in the labor market for people with disabilities in Sweden.