Contact person:
Martin Grander
  • Formas – Research Council for Sustainable Development
Responsible at MaU:
Martin Grander
Time frame:
01 September 2018 - 30 June 2023

About the project

This research project aims to investigate how municipal housing companies in practice respond to the national political housing goal of furthering socioeconomic diversity in cities and towns. The point of departure is that public housing is the municipalities’ principal instrument of steering various forms of tenure, which has been linked to promoting a socioeconomic mix and decreased segregation. 

However, recent Swedish research has demonstrated parallel and contradictory tendencies regarding both residualization and gentrification of the public housing stock. Inter-municipality heterogeneity in the role and significance of public housing for social mix policies has been shown considerable. Embarking from this variation, the purpose is to study social mix policy in public housing from 1) policies, 2) practices, and 3) outcomes.

The project, which employs both quantitative and qualitative studies, investigates municipal housing companies across the country and conducts case studies in ten towns. The project is closely linked to a comprehensive research program carried out by the research group and financed by municipal housing companies in Malmö and Gothenburg. The project will employ two PhD-students and the research group will, inter alia, conduct interviews, surveys and study register data in order to comprehensively analyze the issue of social mix within and through municipal housing companies, as well as its implications for social housing policy.