Contact person:
Jonas Alwall
  • Malmö University – Department of Urban Studies
Responsible at Malmö University:
Jonas Alwall
Project members:
  • Malmö Culture Department: Kraftsamling Herrgården
  • Swedish Save the Children
  • Tillsammans i Förening
  • Rosengårds Folkets hus
  • Malmö City Planning Office
  • Rosengård fastigheter
Time frame:
01 September 2018 - 30 August 2021
Research subject:

About the projet

The Urban Studies project Rosengård – values and challenges in the shadow of an urban development process deals with the well-known, ethnically diverse and socioeconomically vulnerable Rosengård district in Malmö. Rosengård finds itself on the threshold of a development process aiming at connecting the district more closely with the inner city, renewing and densifying its built environment.

Lately, the district has been the subject of significant urban planning efforts by the City of Malmö. The transition of the area aimed for presents us, however, with a number of challenges and dilemmas. What will happen with those parts of the district for which there are no immediate development plans? Will new boundaries emerge, within the district rather than between it and the inner city? What will happen with the public image of these parts of the district and what will, for their residents, happen with their understanding of the neighborhood and what it means to live there?

In the project, we investigate these challenges from a number of methodological and theoretical perspectives, and with particular focus on four different themes: - Collaborative research/knowledge alliances, - Social problems/socioeconomic vulnerability, - Conviviality and sociomaterial configurations, and - Current discourses in architecture and urban planning. Our project is collaborative in the sense that we work closely with local organizations and involve Rosengård residents in the project activities (with a focus on young people and families). The project group consists of four senior researchers at the Department of Urban Studies and a PhD student.