Contact person:
Erica Righard
  • Formas – Research Council for Sustainable Development
Responsible at Malmö University:
Erica Righard
Project members:
Time frame:
01 October 2018 - 30 September 2021
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About the project

This study is part of the scholarly and political concern about urban diversity and ethnic housing segregation. It inscribes itself in the renewed focus on diversity and ‘everyday multiculturalism’ within qualitative studies. It is also associated with critical perspectives on gender and see to housing segregation as gendered processes. It set out to ‘link perspectives’ and is comparative in its approach. Focus is on how urban diversity is managed in national and local policies and interventions, and in everyday practices in mixed and segregated neighourhoods in Malmö and Copenhagen. This makes an interesting case since urban diversity is managed through similar welfare, and diverging migration, regimes in these cities.

The methodology combines policy analysis with ethnographic field studies in three neighbourhoods in Malmö and Copenhagen respectively. Analytically the project sees to the meaning of urban diversity as a lived experience in neighbourhoods withdifferent characteristics, urban diversity as a lived experience in relation to how it is managed in national and local policy and interventions, and how this can be understood when thinking across cities in similar welfare and diverging migration and integration regimes. Through this comparative approach this project seek to offers insights into best practices that contribute to social sustainability in Swedish cities and beyond. The results will disseminated through academic publishing, Urban Labs, and policy briefs.