Contact person:
Josepha Wessels
  • Formas –Research Council for Sustainable Development
  • JPI Urban Europe European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
Responsible at MaU:
Josepha Wessels
Collaborators :
  • Dr. Annegret Haase - International Coordinator/Main Applicant: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research: UFZ - Germany.
  • Dr. Ivette Arroyo – Department of Architecture and Built Environment LTH: Lund University - Sweden.
  • University of Latvia (UL) - Latvia.
  • Eutropian GmbH (EU) - Austria.
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW) - Austria.
Time frame:
01 June 2021 - 31 May 2023

Project description

Given the context of increased heterogeneous immigration to European cities, HOUSE-IN will discuss existing research findings with respect to a common understanding of a Housing-Integration-Nexus. The project will identify knowledge and implementation gaps towards integrative housing strategies in European cities, while the focus is put on the situation of migrants and refugees.

The pivotal question is: How can integration be achieved through inclusive housing strategies in urban neighbourhoods?

To respond to this question, HOUSE-IN will

  1. use existing inter-disciplinary and trans-regional knowledge for identifying gaps at the housing-integration intersection
  2. (co-create new paradigms of discourse and co-design innovative housing strategies based on a cross-case learning exchange and
  3. foster new capacities for policy and action trough building a comprehensive methodology for transfer of knowledge.

To reach this, HOUSE-IN sets up an Urban Living Lab process including two implementation cases and will bring together local stakeholders’ (municipality, housing companies, NGOs, etc.) perspectives for co-creating innovation for improvement. The HOUSE-IN project consortium sees housing as an important element of migrants` social inclusion within urban neighborhoods and draws on extensive related research.

The expertise and established networks allow to cooperatively identify remaining gaps at the housing-integration intersection. The project collects innovative housing strategies, assesses their impact and potential for local integration and stimulates co-creation and co-design processes using the Urban Living Labs approach. In cooperation with multiple local and European stakeholders, HOUSE-IN creates comprehensive knowledge and applicable innovative solutions to achieve better integration through housing in European cities.