Contact person:
Michel Anderlini
  • Department of Global Political Studies
Responsible at MaU:
Michel Anderlini
Time frame:
01 February 2019 - 30 September 2023
Research subject:

Project description

Numerous studies, using the Europeanization theoretical framework, have looked into why and how EU-supported and policies are adopted in non EU-Member States, focusing either on the mechanisms through which they are diffused or on the local actors´ responses to such demands. However, the practical implementation of such norms and policies in third countries has only received modest attention in academic and policy-related studies. Indeed, as argued by Versluis (2004), the “law in the books” is not necessarily the “law in action”.

Building a bridge between Europeanization, compliance and policy transfer studies, this dissertation argues that once adopted, EU norms and policies continue to be negotiated, adapted and resisted upon during the implementation phase through workshops, trainings, informal exchanges and discussions between experts from the EU Member States and from third countries.

Going beyond the top-down approach that have extensively characterized Europeanization studies, this dissertation will operate a return to the “mundane and the ordinary” of norm diffusion processes, as neglected spaces where ‘the power of the macro order is negotiated, contested and potentially transformed” (Mannergren Selimovic, 2019; Björkdahl, Hall & Svensson, 2019).