Contact person:
Anna Seravalli
  • Formas – Research Council for Sustainable Development
Responsible at Malmö University:
Anna Seravalli
Project members:
Time frame:
01 March 2020 - 31 July 2021
Research environment :
Research subject:

About the project

This project aims at advancing knowledge about transition labs, i.e. environments for collaborative innovation and learning about transitioning towards a sustainable society. On the practical side, it focuses on the refinement of experimenting and learning approaches within transition labs. On the theoretical side, it further articulates if and how these labs can improve public sector capacity to support and drive sustainable transitions. It does so by supporting and studying the creation of a transition lab within a Swedish public organisation responsible for water and waste management.

Water and waste management are increasingly understood not only as technical but also as social and political issues. This calls for the development of new solutions, but also new ways of working for public organisations responsible for water and waste management. There is the need to further articulate to which extent transition labs can support the emergence of new practices and cultures within these organisations and what kind of approaches might be needed for that.

The project relies on the close collaboration between practitioners and researchers. It involves seven co-workers from VA SYD who are in charge of developing a transition lab; and two researchers from Malmö University who will support and study the process.