Contact person:
Anna Wärnsby
  • Erasmus+ KA3
Responsible at MaU:
Anna Wärnsby
Project members at MaU:
  • Sirkka Ivakko
  • Ingrid Hortin
Collaborators :
  • Robert O'Down at University of León in Spain
Time frame:
01 April 2021 - 01 January 2024

About the project

VALIANT is a European Policy Experiment under Erasmus+ KA3 (EACEA/38/2019): Priority 3 - Strengthening teacher training and education by using the opportunities of new technologies (School education). The policy measure in this experimentation, Virtual Innovation and Support Networks are defined as Virtual Exchange programmes that bring together teachers, student teachers and experts in facilitated online collaboration around real-world educational issues.


  • VALIANT’s first objective is to test the efficiency of Virtual Innovation and Support Networks as an approach that will contribute to overcoming teachers’ sense of isolation and low motivation in rural areas and isolated contexts and also to developing teachers’ ability to operate effectively in online international networks of professional collaboration.
  • The second objective of the experimentation is to test the efficiency of this form of Virtual Exchange for providing students of Initial Teacher Education with access to the realities of the teaching profession through regular interaction with in-service teachers integrated into their study programme.