Contact person:
Jonas Christensen
  • Swedish Research Council for Health Working life and Welfare
Responsible at Malmö University:
Jonas Christensen
Project members:
  • University of Southern Denmark Partner in the Caresam research network
Collaborators and other project members:
  • Helsingborg Municipality
  • Simrishamn Municipality
  • Vejen Municipality
  • Kerteminde Municipality
  • Lene Berit Skov Bjerregaard
  • OPEN/Syddansk University of Southern Denmark
Time frame:
01 July 2020 - 30 June 2021
Research subject:

Project description

The use of welfare technology (WT) has been recognized as a key strategy for Swedish and Danish municipalities to address the increasing needs of safety, security and support among citizens in need of care. WT remains an untapped resource in many organizations, in spite of its potential, as it is difficult for many municipalities to know how and where WT can be used and what WT to invest in. Therefore there is a need for knowledge exchange not only between but also within municipalities.


The purpose of TechKnow has been to develop methods to improve and promote knowledge transfer in welfare technology based on social and professional aspects to ensure long-term sustainability, benefit and value in everyday elderly care work. 

Main goals

To map the knowledge base and discover knowledge needs in the municipalities. 

To create and evaluate a framework for knowledge sharing, by creating an empirical basis for a larger study by performing exploratory and theory-driven analyses. 

To plan and test the feasibility of a larger study by creating a larger research consortium. 

The research questions that the project defined and worked on are: 

  1. What are the critical factors/variables regarding knowledge transfer associated with the implementation of welfare technology in (public) municipal elderly care?
  2. How should a knowledge-sharing framework be designed to improve the competence of care and nursing staff to promote innovation in services supported by welfare technology?

The TechKnow project is a sub-project of several within the CareSam research network that was established in 2010 (https://caresam.mau.se/). 

Process and results have been implemented with a focus on progression before continuing in TechKnow 2.0. A reference group consisting of Nordic researchers and practitioners with different subject and experience backgrounds has been established. The project plan has been followed during the project period regarding completed activities. As for the budget, a redistribution of funds set aside for travel expenses due to Covid-19 has been made. Physical meetings have basically been conducted online. 

The focus is on Swedish and Danish elderly care, as the two neighbouring countries share similar challenges, yet differ in ways that are possible to learn from, on both sides. Thematic interviews (36) among care staff and managers as well as focus group studies were conducted. Qualitative analysis of anonymized data-collected material has been carried out with the support of Nvivo's qualitative analysis tool. Two Workshops (via Zoom) have been conducted, both with participants from all municipalities included in the interview and observation study from the Danish and Swedish sides.