The research programme Disciplinary literacy and inclusive teaching (LIT) explores the multidimensional nature of language in teaching and learning processes. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the development of literacy in science, mathematics, social sciences and in academic levels through the study of schools, in which teachers, students, and learning materials interact.

It seems most productive to build disciplinary literacy instructional programs, rather than to merely employ language perspectives on teaching

Anders Jakobsson, Director

Our research

We live in increasingly multilingual and multicultural society which effects education at all levels. The program therefor aims to contribute to a deepened understanding and development of theory on the crucial role of language in learning for all students.

It also aims to contribute to improved quality of education in different subjects’ areas through providing practical insights for teachers and university educators on literacy demands and the ways these can be addressed in order to enhance the learning processes for all students.

The programme is divided into 7 interrelated sub studies: 

The first lays out the conceptual and descriptive foundation for the seven research projects were all participating researchers collaborate.

Scientific literacy

What kind of literacy activities in primary science classrooms may offer prerequisites for inclusive education in multilingual contexts?

Mathematic literacy

How contemporary mathematics education reflects changes in society, migration, and globalization.

Social science literacy

Investigate students’ writing skills in language-focused situations in relation the development of students’ reasoning in history and the social sciences. 

Newly arrived students

Perspectives on literacy among newly arrived students´ opportunities for schooling in Sweden.

Literacy and language impairment

Intervention program introducing evidence-based language learning interaction and modification techniques to preschool and primary school teachers.

Academic literacy

Focus on academic literacy for multilingual students in higher education students within teacher education and social work.

Classroom applications

Investigate the development of practical classroom applications and language supporting tools (MLS) in different subject areas.