If you encounter a problem with any part of the University facilities, or a potential security risk on our premises, please make sure to report the problem or incident. This ensures a safer and better working environment for our students, visitors and staff.

Reporting any issues with facilities 

If something is broken or damaged you can report it through the University's fault report system. A fault report can be made if you discover a broken door handle in a classroom, for instance, or a printer or projector that doesn't work.

Reporting an issue is straightforward and doesn't take long. Follow the link below to choose the building where you encountered the problem.

 Report issues regarding facilities here

Reporting incidents 

An incident report assures that something that could have led to an accident is prevented in future. If you notice something that could potentially be dangerous, please submit an incident report so that we can make sure that the problem gets fixed. 

Submit an incident report here

App for security information

There is a special app you can download that provides you with information you may urgently need if something unexpected occurs on the University premises. The app is web-based, which means that do not need to download it or run updates; you simply save it to the home screen on your smartphone. 

The app also includes phone numbers you may need in an emergency, instructions for evacuation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), links to forms for reporting issues regarding facilities and accidents and a phone book for University services.

Find the app on akutinfo.se

For iPhones

Select the middle icon at the bottom of your browser, and then click 'Add to home screen' to save it as an app on your phone.

For Android phones

Open the menu on the top right-hand corner of your browser and select 'Save to home screen'.