Freestanding course, Bachelor’s level
7.5 hp
Malmö daytime 50%
30 August 2021 - 7 November 2021
Applications open 15 March

About the course

Course content

The course offers fundamental perspectives on software development techniques and collaborative project work and contains the current advances in software development, such as:

  • challenges for high-performing teams
  • lean software development
  • large-scale agile development
  • distributed software development
  • A-B testing
  • data-driven innovation
  • test driven development

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

  1. The equivalent of English 6/English B in Swedish secondary school.
  2. 60 credits of which 7,5 credits Software engineering basic course
  3. 15 credits of programming.


Swedish upper secondary grades 20%, University credits completed 60%, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT) 20%

Course literature

Course evaluation

The university provides all students who are participating in, or have completed, a course to express their experiences and views on the course through a course evaluation which is organized at the end of the course. The university will collate the course evaluations and provide information about their results and any actions prompted by them. The results shall be made available to the students. (HF 1:14).