Freestanding course, Bachelor’s level
30 credits
Malmö daytime 100%
17 January 2022 - 5 June 2022
Full tuition fee: 39000 SEK
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About the course

Culture, Narrative and Representation develops a theoretical understanding of narrative, and gives students tools with which to analyse a variety of narratives. Introduction to the Thoery of Literature In the course the students learn how different theories of literature have emerged as responses to particular issues in literature, in other theories of literature, and outside literature. The students learn to frame literary issues using concepts in literary theory. Semantics develops students' knowledge of central concepts within semantics primarily but also to a certain extent within pragmatics, paired with the skill to use these concepts to analyze English words and sentences.Academic Writing and Rhetoric II develops students’ academic writing abilities so that they will have authentic, relevant, cognitive and practical skills; it also engages students in the production and meta-cognitive analysis of effective

Course content

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

Prerequisite courses for this course are: Passed courses: EN101A-English I or EN101E-English I.


University credits completed 100%

Course literature

Course evaluation

The course is concluded with an individual course evaluation focusing on the goals of the course. A summary of the evaluation is results is made available to the students on the university network/learning platform and is discussed in programme councils or similar forums connected to the course.


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