Course offered as a part of a programme, Bachelor’s level
15 hp
Malmö daytime 100%
29 March 2021 - 6 June 2021
Full tuition fee: 20000 SEK

About the course

This course is offered as part of a programme:

International Migration and Ethnic Relations

Course content

The course focuses on the distinctive features of different academic genres (both written and oral). The aim is for students to recognize the structures underpinning these genres and to understand their rationale. Furthermore, the students are trained to communicate both orally and in writing in an academic context, and also to reflect on their own and others’ written and oral production.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

The equivalent of English course B in Swedish secondary school, and completed course IM101E – International Migration and Ethnic Relations I or other courses equal to 30 higher education credits in social science.

Course literature

Course evaluation

All students are offered an opportunity to give oral or written feedback towards the end of the course. A summary of the results will be made available on the school’s web-pages. The students may also give oral or written feedback after each course module.