Course offered as a part of a programme, Master’s level
15 hp
Malmö daytime 100%
31 August 2020 - 8 November 2020
Full tuition fee: 57000 SEK
Other place or pace of study
Malmö daytime 100%
30 August 2021 - 7 November 2021

About the course

This course is offered as part of a programme:

Interaction Design, Master's Programme (One-Year)

Course content

  • Perspectives on multi-disciplinary collaboration in interaction design (where team members may have different knowledge profiles) with weight on design process criteria.
  • Key interaction design ways, methods and techniques
  • Interaction design exemplars and key interaction design elements in salient genres.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

1. Degree of Bachelor or equivalent in subjects relevant for interaction design. Examples of relevant subjects include, but are not limited to: computer science,

informatics, information systems, human-computer interaction, new media arts,

fine arts, design (industrial, product, graphic, interaction), communication studies,

media studies and cognitive science.

2. Approval of the following submitted material: 2 x work samples of previous

relevant work and an individual response to the application assignment, available

on the Malmö University web site.

3. General eligibility + the equivalent of English course B in Swedish higher

secondary school.

Course literature

Course evaluation

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