Freestanding course, Bachelor’s level
7.5 hp
Malmö daytime 25%
30 August 2021 - 16 January 2022
Full tuition fee: 15000 SEK
Applications open 15 March

About the course

The course gives students the possibility to work within research projects in special VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects) teams led by researchers. The students learn to work together in teams, train their mentorship skills, leadership, and planning, as well as their technical, design and theoretical skills within the research field of the VIP team.

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Course content

Each student is part of a VIP-team together with other students. Students who wish to participate in the VIP program should apply for the appropriate VIP course and apply to a specific VIP team that they wish to work with (see web site). Students work together with research problems within the frame of a research project, defined by each VIP team leader. Students plan and carry out various parts of the VIP team’s ongoing work, such as pilot projects and realizations of solutions. The course requires individual work, work with team members and active participation in VIP-meetings. The students document ongoing work in an individual VIP workbook and through team documentation.

The course comprises:

• Planning,

• Reflection and reporting on ongoing and finished work,

• Specific tasks within the team’s research profile such as design and technical work.

During the course, students also participate in project presentations and discussions with researchers and external collaboration partners. In this way, students work toward an increased theoretical and practical understanding of the team’s research direction and challenges.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

At least 30 higher education credits.


University credits completed 100%

Course literature

Course evaluation