Course offered as a part of a programme, Master’s level
7.5 hp
Malmö daytime 50%
8 November 2021 - 16 January 2022
Full tuition fee: 10000 SEK

About the course

This course is offered as part of a programme:

Sport Sciences: Sport in Society, Master's Programme (One-Year)

Course content

The course begins with the development of knowledge and understanding surrounding the current global processes of large scale migration and urbanisation. Following this, sport is problematised as a solution to the challenges of migration and urbanisation, such as segregation and exclusion. Theories and perspectives of migration, integration and urban processes in relation to sport and physical activity are explored.

During the course, urban based environments and initiatives where sport and physical activity are used to create social inclusion are analysed within both Scandinavia and internationally. Case studies are used to understand how different social structures are created, reproduced and changed in an urban sports context. The conditions, opportunities and limitations of sport as a developmental force in local, multicultural and urban environments are also discussed.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

Prerequisite course for this course is: IV602G Globalisation, Sport and Health

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