About the course

In Network Society Studies we focus on the idea of networks as society’s nervous system, and as essential to understanding the relationship between digital communication technologies and social and political change. Throughout the course, we work with a range of theoretical perspectives and analytical concepts for studying networks, networking and the network society from the perspective of media and communication studies.

The course is built around lectures and a series of student-led seminars on different topic areas and theoretical perspectives related to the overall topic of the course. The course is therefore contingent on student’s active participation and production of seminar assignments each week.

We offer a blended learning environment with possibilities for students to attend classes on campus or online. All lectures and seminars are both livestreamed and archived online.

Course content

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

General entry requirements + English 6

30 credits on advanced level in Media- and Communication Studies, Communication for Development or other Social Science discipline + English B.


University credits completed 100%

Course literature

Course evaluation

Written course evaluation carried out at the end of the course.


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