Course offered as a part of a programme, Bachelor’s level
7.5 credits
Malmö | daytime | 100%
2 May 2022 - 5 June 2022
Full tuition fee: 15000 SEK

About the course

The purpose is for the student to develop basic knowledge of several of the tools used in environmental management e.g. eco-design and life cycle analysis. In addition, the course purpose to put these environmental management tool’s use, as well as results, in relation to sustainable societal development and control.

This course is offered as part of a programme:

Environmental Science

Course content

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

MV211A Reading, Writing and Discussing Texts in Environmental Studies 7,5 credits, MV212A Environmental History, Human Ecology and Environmental Ethics 7,5 credits, MV213A Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Chemistry 7,5 credits, MV214A Environmental Politics and Citizenship 7,5 credits, MV221A Statistics and Environmental Communication 7,5 credits, MV222A Urban Infrastructure, Ecology and Health 7,5 credits and MV223A Environmental Psychology and Methods in Environmental Psychology 7,5 credits, MV224A Science Methods: Data Collection and Analysis of Environmental Quality 7,5, credits, and MV232E Environmental Economics: Introduction 7,5 credits or

MV102B Environmental Science: Level 1 30 credits, MV101A Environmental Law 15 credits , MV133B Environmental Surveying 15 credits and MV108C Environmental Science: Level 2 30 credits or the equivalent

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