Programme, master’s level
60 credits
Malmö daytime 100%
29 August, 2022 - 4 June, 2023
Full tuition fee: 80000 SEK
Applications open 18 October
The teachers set the foundation and made us good at what we do. Whatever I do in the future I will be well prepared for it.

Juliet Williams, student

About the education

This programme develops your skills in critically examining and evaluating research in relation to international migration. The programme focuses on:

  • current international developments and research perspectives in migration and ethnic relations;
  • the effects of globalisation and human mobility on societies, groups and individuals;
  • the social and political adaptation and integration of ethnic minorities in different societies;
  • issues of inclusion and exclusion of immigrants;
  • majority-minority relations; and
  • philosophical and ethical perspectives on life in diverse and complex societies.

Potential working fields include international organisations, academia, national and local government, NGOs or the media. Graduates are also eligible for PhD studies.

Malmö University offers a one-year and a two-year master's programme in Internation Migration and Ethnic Relations. The one-year programme provides an advanced level specialisation in the field of international migration and ethnic relations. The two-year programme prepares students for future research opportunities and enables further specialisation within one of two themes: migration and integration or migration and social theory.

International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Master's Programme (Two-Year)

The master's programme teaches you how to conduct in-depth analysis, evaluate policies and criticise and critique migration-related policies. You should expect research-based training and an interdisciplinary outlook that links social sciences with humanities.

Understanding the complexities of international migration and ethnic relations is essential to ensure reflective decision-making in a variety of fields, for example, international organisations, academia, national and local governments, NGOs, and media. Students who have completed the programme are also eligible to apply for PhD studies.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

1. Degree of Bachelor in Social Sciences or Humanities

2. General eligibility + the equivalent of English 6 from Swedish secondary school.


University credits completed 100%

“There's an open atmosphere here.”

Weigan Xu is a student from China.

“There's an open atmosphere here.”

Weigan Xu is a student from China.

About coming to Sweden and Malmö

“I chose to live in a city with cultural diversity. I have met a lot of people from all around the world. People are friendly and helpful, and Malmö is a peaceful city. I hope my experiences will open my mind and hopefully expand my options in the future. Before starting the programme I was fed up with journalism, the field I studied first, because there is a lot of censorship in my home country.”

About Malmö University

“I´m very satisfied with my studies here. My former professor recommended that I come here because he had also has been a student at Malmö University. The method of study is very different here from how it is in China. At home we have our examinations in class. Here, we have an open atmosphere, where every student writes what they want and thinks and presents it to the class. We are then encouraged to debate. This involves more critical ideas and perspectives, which I appreciate.”

About the program

“My field is philosophic and requires me to think more. In addition, I feel that I get a chance to slow my pace here and start to think more about my life. Actually, a new idea emerged in my mind after I came to Malmö, and that is that I want to become a merchant in the future.”

About the future

“My plan is not related to my field of study. I want to be a merchant and through studies get to know Swedish culture and about people’s consumption habits. Maybe I will start my business here in Malmö.”