Jakob Friedrich Dittmar
  • Richard Koebner-Minerva Center for German History
  • Hebrew University - Jerusalem
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Jakob Friedrich Dittmar
  • Ofer Ashkenazi - Director of the Richard Koebner-Minerva Center for German History
01 januari 2017 - 31 maj 2020


The project looks into documentary comics and their potential use as primary and secondary sources in academic research. The diversity of approaches and bandwidth of qualities in documentary comics is looked into, individual examples are analysed to understand their narrative and documentary strategies better.

Based on this, documentary comics and their contribution to historiography are discussed. Finally, the negotiation of specific topics in comics is exemplified, in this case focusing on the issues of exile, Heimat, and belonging. We argue that, using different narration strategies, comics can present intricate interactions between place and identity, which shed new light on the contemporary identity discourse.