Josepha Wessels
  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs CEDEJ (Centre for social legal and economic studies and documentation in Sudan)
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Josepha Wessels
  • Sudanese Environmentalists Association
  • Sudanese Artist Association
  • Sudan Youth Organisation on Climate Change
01 januari 2021 - 31 december 2022


To give a broader perspective on the ongoing social movements in Sudan, this study is focused on the role of young environmental activists in the Sudanese Revolution.

Related to two research areas:

  1. the study of social movements and
  2. the ongoing political, economic and social configurations. In particular, the study of the Sudanese environmental movement and its relations with the Sudanese Revolution of 2019 and the ongoing transformations at political and social levels aimed at sustainable development.

This applied field study explores their visions for a sustainable future for Sudan. Through photographic documentation of revolutionary graffiti street art, interviewing young revolutionaries and environmentalists and organizing a joint visioning workshop, this project aims to document past and future visions of Sudan’s revolutionary youth.

The project aims to bring together Sudanese revolutionary environmentalists and graffiti artists to develop feasible Sustainable Future Youth Plans together that can be practically implemented in the short and long term. At the same time, this project will document the vital role that environmentalists have played in the Sudanese Revolution and continue to play in the transition towards a new Sudanese future.