Fredrik Alvén
  • Erasmus+
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Fredrik Alvén
  • University og Murcia - Cosme J. Gómez Carrasco (Coordinator of the project)
  • University of Porto - Claudia Pinto Ribeiro
  • University of Bologna - Beatrice Borghi
  • École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales - Fabrice Boudjabaa
  • University of Amsterdam - Carla Van Boxtel
  • University of Helsinki - Najat Ouakrim-Soivio
01 januari 2021 - 31 maj 2023

Om projektet

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To Create a joint curriculum document. The current situation of the teaching of the History of Europe in European Secondary Education curricula will be analyzed to agree on a common framework of transversal contents that allow in this subject the acquisition of social and civic competences based on a multicultural, inclusive and equality approach.
  2. To Create a library of digital resources and teaching and learning units on European history, through active learning methods, emerging technologies, and from a multicultural, inclusive and gender equality approach.
  3. To Create online modules to train teachers in training and in practice to teach the history of Europe through digital resources and with innovative teaching methodologies (gamification, flipped-classroom, blended learning, etc.).
  4. To Design an integrated platform and validate its effectiveness through an educational intervention using the e-Toolkit among history teachers in initial training and in practice in Secondary Education.