About the project

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often regarded as the fourth wave of digitalization, following the introduction of the computer, the Internet, and the mobile Internet, and is affecting all parts of society. To strengthen Sweden's position within the IoT, it is of fundamental importance to provide students with relevant knowledge and skills in IoT that companies, and the public sector, can recruit. However, currently there is no education program in Sweden dedicated to IoT.

For these reasons, this project was designed to develop a two-year master's program in the IoT. The project will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Malmö University where the IoT is a key research area and will be carried out in collaboration with a number of highly relevant companies in the IoT sector.

The project's objective is to create, in collaboration with participating industry partners, a second cycle education in IoT that is broad in scope and covers all aspects relevant for future IoT system developers, including also human factors as well as innovation and business models. The IoT program will complement other existing programs at the department and contribute to make the education and research environment more complete and balanced. Also, it has great relevance and potential for the Swedish business sector that, to develop and stay competitive, will be able to recruit highly-skilled and competent students.

The recruitment base will be first cycle students in Computer Science and related areas and include people working in the ICT industry or currently unemployed that want upgrade, update, or broaden their competence.

The project will run for two years between 2020 and 2022 and, in collaboration with the participating companies, we have already identified a set of relevant courses that we plan to consolidate, further develop, and possibly revise together. This, as well as the development of cooperation methods, will be supported by workshops and one-to-one meetings with the company representatives. Moreover, we will build an attractive lab and education environment for the students. Finally, as the program will target both Swedish and international students, substantial development of recruitment strategies and marketing-related material will be carried out.