Derek Stanford Hutcheson
  • Internationellt Centrum för Lokal Demokrati
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Derek Stanford Hutcheson
  • Arkitekt Anne Faurskov - Principal AFARkitektur - Copenhagen
  • Prof. Dmitrii Goncharov - Higher School of Economics - St Petersburg
  • Dr Evgenia Likhovtseva - Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Marina Nistotskaya - University of Gothenburg
  • Prof. Inessa Tarusina: North-Western Institute of Management - RANEPA - St Petersburg
  • Prof. Elena Trubina: Historical Sociology - Ural Federal University - Ekaterinburg
  • Ms Elena Tselishcheva: RANEPA - Urals Institute of Administration - Ekaterinburg
  • Dr Elena Tsumarova - Petrozavodsk State University
  • Ms Anna Zamaraeva - St Petersburg State University
26 februari 2020 - 30 juni 2021


The project follows on from the ICLD-funded LUPSRUSS (Legitimacy, Urban Planning and Sustainability in Russia and Sweden) project, which ran from September 2017 to February 2019, and builds on the findings of this project.

The project examines urban planning and renewal in Scandinavia and Russia, with a focus on how to enhance legitimacy and include citizens in the planning processes around towns. Through comparison of different examples of urban planning and town improvements in small, medium and large towns, it brings together scholars and practitioners cross-nationally.

A particular focus is on how the needs of people with functional variation expansion are incorporated into the planning and political processes in local government. By bringing together academics and practitioners in a two-way learning process, the project creates considerable scope for synergies and exchanges of ideas and expertise between regions that are facing similar challenges - both between Russia and Scandinavia and within each country.