Elisabet Apelmo
  • Swedish Research Council for Sport Science
  • Malmö universitet
Ansvarig vid Mau:
Elisabet Apelmo
03 april 2018 - 15 september 2020

Om projektet

The aim of the project is to understand the school subject physical education (PE) as a field from, on the one hand, the perspective of the participation, equal worth of all human beings, equal opportunities and solidarity between human beings that are emphasized in the Swedish Education Act (2010:800), and, on the other hand, the exclusion that is actually going on. The project takes phenomenology as its point of departure to explore how PE’s different rooms and interactions hinder some bodies, while other bodies are supported. Students’ experiences, feelings and strategies to manage situations that arise in the everyday interaction in connection with the lessons in PE are central. The analysis will explore how gender (that is, different forms of masculinities and femininities) and (dis)ability intersect as deviant and normal bodies are (re)produced and negotiated in the PE.

The research questions are:

  1. How do students experience the school subject PE and its different rooms, and which strategies do they develop?
  2. How are (dis)ability and gender (re)produced and negotiated in the students’ narratives?

Qualitative, semi-structured interviews will be conducted with students who self-identify as belonging to the groups moving impairment, hearing impairment or overweight/fat, to explore how they interpret the everyday PE. The latter group may not self-identify as disabled, but previous research results show that they have similar experiences of exclusion during PE lessons. The study focuses on grade 9, since negative experiences are more frequent among elder students. The purpose of the project is to make a more inclusive education possible, that better fulfils the basic values of compulsory school.